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Monday, September 19, 2005

Wooly Weekend

Oh sweet wooly weekend....I had a good one. Saturday we went to the New Jersey sheep & wool festival. Fun, saw many sheep sneezed my freakin' head off from the hay. I love this women from Lambertville, NJ who spins awesome yarn in bright, rich colors, I bought some bulky wool of hers in BRIGHT orange for John. I think I will add lopi bulky for patterning, need inspiration, it will come someday when I least expect it. Sunday I went to Knit out Philadelphia...It was WAY cool, met some sweet women who inspired me to start a meetup in Bucks county, I already have 8 sign ups...YEAH! I loved sitting with all these different women from all walks of life and seeing what they are making and sharing ideas and learning, it was really a ton of fun. I was alone and a bit nervous but I sat at a table with some nice women and it really was nice. Sometimes it it good for me to be alone because it forces me to chit chat and make conversations. I DID WIN 3, YES 3 RAFFLES! All yarn, OH yes I need it like a another hole in my head...but I did win 10 skeins of Debbie Bliss merino chunky in a nice medium gray, any suggestions? It doesn't go a long way, maybe a nice scarf for John. I don't know, I could also add another color and make him a vest or sweater. I have some silly pictures from the sheep fest, I am way to sleepy to post them .

Friday, September 16, 2005

Jogless Join

EWWWW baby, just learned how to do a jogless join. My sis called top fill me in on this little ditty. I hate when my socks have that creepy little jog. They have great instructions for it in the KNIT SOCKS! book, the one that is shaped like a sock. Jodie is making her son Flyers socks in Orange and Black lambs pride superwash and I think that I will graph the Flyers emblem to try a pair for the hockey fan in my life. I Hate sports, when I watch a sporting event, even my 8YO's soccer games I turn into a crack head. My heart beats too fast, I jones sweets, it's not a petty site.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Family of HOT socks

OH how I dream of cold, snowy days by the fire. I can smell the wood burning and I can feel my toes itching. I did all these babies in yarn for socks that I bought in Cape May, NJ. I went wild. I am trading a Pair with a potter friend for a wood fired Casserole he made,I can just see him firing his Kiln on a cold day in the mountains in these suckers. I made them the same colors as the pot I want. I should send him some cortaide along with them!

Sigmund pattern

Seaweed hat
Materials- 2 sk lambs pride (LP)# 113 Oregano,worsted Wt,
1 skein squiggle(crystal palace yarns),
1 skein any fuzzy type yarn (I lost the tag on mine)
Gge/3st=1 inch Ndles:11 circ in 24" length and a pair of DP ndles

With double strand of lambs Pride Cast on 48 sts Join being careful not to twist work
Work in garter stitch for 2 rows,
then work in ST st for 4 rows.
-Mix 1 strand of lambs pride with 1 strand squiggle & work in rev ST st for 4 rows
- 2 strands of LP and ST st 4 rows.
- 1 strand LP and 1 of fuzzy yarn Rev ST st for 4 rows.
- 2 strands LP, 4 rows in ST st
- 1 squiggle 1 LP, 4 rows Rev St st ( I used a lime green as on of the LP strands)
- 2 strands LP, 4 rows in ST st
-2 strands LP and one of the fuzzy, rev St st 4 rows.
-2 strands LP *K4, K2tog repeat from* across.
next row:, Knit across ( I now switched to DP ndles)
next row:* K3, K2TOG Rep from *
next row: Knit across
Next row: *K2, K2Tog, rep from *
mext row: Knit across
next row: K2Tog across
Next row: Knit across
Cut leaving a long tail and thread in a large eye needle, draw through and pull tightly.

Giant Pom Pom:
Using all yarns cut a large amount of 10" lengths.
Tie in center and sew on Hat !

Socks for Sanity

OK, I did all these socks this summer, A bit nuts, I know what you are thinking... Don't even think of saying it, "too much time on my hands my ass!" I just drink a ton of Balzac blend coffee and wha la!

Sigmund the sea Monster Hat

This hat is FUN, FUN , FUN! I will post the pattern. It is done in lambs pride worsted, squiggly and a fuzzy type yarn like tecno hair.

the Poncho

Can I stop now and give it to my cat?

Miter me

I get so excited when I start something new, I become obsessed, can't put it down, imagine it in EVERY color, buy yarn to make it again. Then another beauty strikes my eye and oh shit here I go again. So here are 2 mitered square projects that I started this week. One is the poncho from the latest Cast on and the other is a felted Mitered bag that in in Noro Kureyon. I found the pattern on the web and thought I HAVE TO HAVE IT! I did have a bunch of Kureyon in my stash from a sweater that I did last year. The pattern for the bag can be found at the web address below, just copy it into your browser.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

John's skull sweater Posted by Picasa

Virgin Blogger

Just lost my blogging cherry...WOW. Fun fun.
Well, how do begin...hmmmmm?
I am munchin' on soy delicious, looking at my newest project (1 in about 20 started).
I fell in love with the AUTUMN Mitered poncho in the new CAST ON magazine and thought oh yeah I need another project just like I need another hole in my head.

It is fun and I am using up lots of leftovers. I am not exactly following the pattern, that would be WAY to anal for my liking. I will post a picture of what I did so far, too sleepy now.